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Saturday, 12 April 2014 | 05:30 | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum smua :0 
wah2 , tajuk dia panjang gila gedabak kan ? 
akupenat .
*i'm a baby. muehehehe*

why rapatrapat penat tu , sbb there is no gap for me to tke a rest . 
yeah , its hurting my physical and soul as well
so pls i'm begging u my dear lecturers
can you give us such a relax weekend in the future ?? 
emmm emmmm
but bukan lecturer je tau . 
there's another factores that may affect my weekend as well
emmm , do you wanna me to write it heree >>>
acewahhhhhhh .

*its me* 

tp yang major tu adalah sbb almost every week ada test 
dengan kelas on weekend lg .*sigh*
mcm tak caya je kan ?? 
i also thought for the same thing, but when i slapped my face. ITS HURT
because it is soooooo through 
what can i do? 
the solution is just i must try to face that thing la . bcoz time doesnt wait for us . everytime u did the things that reallyreally wasting ur time , u will more regret about yourself
soooo , lets take a step forward man 

P/s : EXO comeback tajuk OVERDOSE make me overdose too . MUAH!!.