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Today is the day :)}
Sunday, 23 August 2015 | 17:37 | 1Comment

 Hai gais, today is my birthday. May Allah bring me and you happiness.
 So, i made a poems abotu my precious day :)

Today is my birthday; a new day has come
This better for me than it will be for some people
To those who are suffering, you know I wish you peace
May the light in the morning bring needed release
From dawn until evening, I pray you will find
A never ending path of sweet memories in mind
This may be my hour and my time to shine
Yet, on this, my birthday, know your heart is mine.
Today is my birthday; I’m grateful, you see
I welcome each challenge this year offers me
Through hardship I’ve traveled; I’ve conquered in stride
With the grace of God evermore at my side
Each day of my life forms good fortune
 A handwritten chapter of dreams I pursue
And so, as I wake to greet twenty years
I look not in sorrow, but with happy tears.
Today is my birthday and this is my prayer
I wish mounds of love to my friends everywhere
For you have stood by me, through thick and through thin
And I know you would do the same, yet again
I wish you blue skies filled with sunshine galore
And pray that warm tidings are near to your door
I may now be older, but I feel so blessed
To have you, my family and friends, for indeed, you’re the best.

Thank you guys for all wishes :)