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No, You Can't}
Tuesday, 29 September 2015 | 23:25 | 0Comment

Hello, bonjour.
So, today, as what you read above (the title)
So, i made a new poems...or even  words
but still, i'm trying.
let's read and give some opinion. Tq guys fr your support. 

No, You Can't

Do you think of me everyday ?
or to be specific
 do you think of how to be like me?
don't waste your time silly
coz you won't get any clue or even worst
you'll lose (to me)
You're just you.
So, be positive, maybe something that even better are coming
don't just follow my way.
I know, you see lots of positive things happen to me
Money,loves and properties
But, negative things that happen also almost killing me
but yeah (i survived)
I can't let you steal my happiness
HAHAHAHA *evil laugh*
coz you can't 
as I always be the happy one
i also think that 
you can't handle all those things that happen to me
in the past or even future
So, as my advice...
Don't go to far girls (your dream to be me)
You can't handle it
You might drowned or lost
or even DIE
So, be yourself silly.