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Monday, 19 December 2016 | 02:08 | 0Comment

It's 19th of Dec. Almost the end of 2016.
& i'm almost 22 years. 
It is weird tho coz you know, i'm just a little girl
but right now, i'm sitting in front of you guys,,,
staring at my laptop & that feeling is just. very weird.
Maybe PMS ruined my mood today 
but it doesn't kill my mood to write something for you guys.
Just these days, i hope that i can celebrate my 22 years 
with both of my parents & my good friends.
that's all.
OMG ! really 22 years? just feels like 2 years old girl that crave for candy and happiness
& right now i just need to find my own happiness
 instead of depends on other people to make me happy.
have a great day people.
love ya <3