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Sunday, 6 August 2017 | 08:23 | 0Comment

Hye guys, it's been a while since my last article and I hope you guys still follow my blog <3 . Well, i'm already in my 3rd semester of Degree (Honors) in Environmental Healthcare at Unikl MESTECH . I'm going to share with you guys random things that happened in my life so far . well, I have few best friends that I can rely on (only 2-3 person that i love with all my heart, and I can ensure you guys would know from my instagram post). right? And I love them with all my heart to be honest (more than I love my boyfriend).  Well, I'm not pretty sure if I should tell you guys these thing but it makes my day much more bitter when i knew one of my bff told one of our bff that i'm jealous of her?? like these kinda thing shouldn't be brought upward i guessed, but normal human tend to do some mistakes, right? I try to be okay for the whole time, but we'll see how it goes. And my mother told me to ignore whatever people said. Plus, right now, i have a boyfriend that also is my best friend. I'm kinda lucky because i thought that being in  love with someone that you can click with is great and I hope that we can get married 5 years from now <3 . Hmmm, and I also wanna tell you  guys about a friend mine that lie to us. Eventhough these thing happened in Sem 1 , but til now, we can't relate it tho. How can you lie to your friend ? that's absurd okay ! Lastly, I just wanna thanked you guys for keep on reading my articles, and give me random support. so, if you guys are interested in following my social accounts, you guys can click the link down below. well, i'm going to randomly ask you guys what is yr opinion if I'm starting a vlog ? I love to talk btw, so maybe you guys can give me the idea on what to talk in my first vlog <3 thank you <3

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