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where should I go ?}
Sunday, 6 August 2017 | 08:44 | 1Comment

Hye guys ! I think I'm kinda free tonight so why not I write 2 articles in a day ? So, I'm planning on going for a short trip with my bffs (one within peninsular M'sia and the other one is still on planning) . We need a place that is Instagram worthy, have sentimental value, various of culture and cheap ! Well, cheapest vacation is a must right ? So, if you guys have any idea where should I go, just drop you comment or you can link any website at the chatbox okay ? I'm thinking of Bandung or Yogyakarta as it have few places that include in my wishlists. but we'll see how it goes because I'm still planning on this trip. Hope you guys have a good day tmr. No hate, just love <3.