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Hectic Week}
Tuesday, 10 October 2017 | 20:41 | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum everyone and i hope that you guys will have a good day ahead. Thank you for dropping by. Well, today i'm just going to mumbling and writing about my week so far. I'm not good at handling my stress lately bcs i'm too busy and not focus on small things that I used to focus on. And I was in a very  sad mood ( no one knows btw). I need some sea-cation and alhamdulillah mama abah pun dah approve my sea-cation with my lesbo. And we will be going to places yg saya dah pernah pergi few times sbb I think that pergi sana boleh tenangkan diri lagi. I really need that. So on 30th-3rd Dec 2017 i'll not be around okay (acah-acah busy). It's hard to... you know, continue and starts your day with stressful thoughts from yesterday, but life is life. kan? But it's okay, I have been trained my brain to resist with these kind of stress since i was a little girl. Now i dah besar, so i guessed i can handle my expression and behave like an adult. kot no ? And, ada la few of my friends (ke classmate only?) yang pretty much annoying and not really into my type of friend (kalau terasa tu maybe it's you). Sekejap cakap mcm ni, sekejap cakap mcm tu. dia macam tak tetap hati okay ? I just need some space okay ? this week pun i'm pretty busy with some assignments and interview and few stuffs yg nak kena settlekan. Nak cakap pasal rezeki ? Alhamdulillah, order pun tak putus-putus and at least boleh la bagi sikit dekat mama abah as it is my responsibility kan? bagi sikit pun takpe sbb kita nak keberkatan dalam mencari rezeki tu. even mama abah tak mintak, tapi rasa macam kena bagi since kita pun dah besar, takkan nak mengharap duit parents. kan? Talking about parents, i want to inform you guys yang my dad has been retired from his army services. well, dah 23 years kerja so its time for him to focus on business kot rasanya and focus more dekat family. Kalau sebelum ni asyik busy meeting tak habis-habis, so lepas ni tak payah dah pergi kerja and nak kena pki uniform and pasang pangkat whatsoever. I'm pretty grateful with what I have so far (blessed with beautiful and harmony family / money / friends / boyfriend / bitch) . Without them i takdak kot no kt sini and be like this. Thank you (big clap). okay lah, puas dah merepek meraban ni, i kena berundur dlu sbb ada some stuffs nak kena settle on. thank you sbb sudi baca all the merepekness ni. love you guys. take care. 
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