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" I would rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck "

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Saturday, 28 July 2018 | 21:36 | 0Comment

When you focus on yourself better, people will treat you better. Trust me, i've been there before. Focusing on other things will make you lost and nowhere to be found. I am saying this because i don't want anybody to take advantages from your kindness. Life is full of thorns and flowers, but you can breath through it and still alive, not dead. If we kept losing our entities, we'll become somebody else. and of course you don't want that, right? I keep on praying that every soul on this earth who suffered will find its way back to life. Life is not easy, and it will never be like we thought it would be but we can transform it into something better. What do i mean by better? Don't bleed too much, don't struggle  too much, and be who you want to be. Focus on other people or things will make you lose something precious in your life. You're going to miss that later and regret. 

I want you to be better, don't trap yourself in this wrong situation. You don't deserve this. 

Sincerely, Haneem.